Understanding CPR

A graduate of Western Kentucky University, June Jones is a former resident of Glasgow, KY. With over 25 years of experience serving patients as a dental hygienist in KY and Georgia, June Jones has obtained many relevant accreditations, including a CPR certification, which can help her save a life in a medical emergency.

The term “CPR” is an acronym for “cardiopulmonary resuscitation,” which is used to resuscitate those who are unresponsive, breathing erratically, or show signs of cardiac arrest. Performing CPR allows oxygen to continue to flow to a body that is not functioning adequately on its own.

For individuals who are untrained, the American Heart Association recommends performing CPR using only the hands to resuscitate by performing chest compressions, as opposed to performing chest compressions and also giving breath. This method has been suggested to simplify the process, focus the rescue time, and to ease any concerns that may prevent the inexperienced from taking action.

Obtaining a CPR certification is an excellent way to gain both familiarity with the process and the ability to save a life. To find a CPR and first-aid course, visit the American Heart Association’s website at http://www.heart.org.