Considerations in Selecting a Toothbrush

An experienced dental hygienist, June Jones has worked with dentists in Georgia and Kentucky. June Jones served patients in Glasgow, KY, for 21 years. She has since left KY and moved her professional home base to Atlanta, Georgia.

When you choose a toothbrush, the first thing to consider is the size of your mouth. You should be able to manipulate the brush to reach all surfaces of your teeth. Large toothbrush heads may be difficult for some people to use on the backs and sides of the molars, including those teeth located farthest to the rear of your mouth.

The toothbrush you choose should have bristles that are comfortable and safe for your teeth. Brushes with medium and hard bristles may be damaging to gums, enamel, and even root surfaces, particularly if you have a forceful brushing style. Softer bristles help to protect your teeth, as does a rounded bristle surface.

Finally, check that the toothbrush you buy comes from a reputable manufacturer and has earned the approval of professionals. Your dentist can give you a recommendation. Alternatively, you may choose to seek out a brush that has received the American Dental Association Seal of Approval.


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