GDHA’s Flossline Keeps Members Abreast of Oral Health Changes

A registered dental hygienist, June Jones has more than two decades of experience working at dental offices in Georgia and Kentucky. She began her career in Glasgow, KY and later worked in Edmonton, KY before moving to Georgia. Dedicated to staying abreast of changes within the field, June Jones belongs to the Georgia Dental Hygienists Association (GDHA).

Representing more than 6,000 dental hygienists in Georgia, the GDHA promotes education and high standards of practice within the field. To this end, the Association provides its members with access to a number of educational events and various outreach and decision-making opportunities.

The GDHA also publishes Flossline, a publication that provides members with updates and news about the field of oral health. Through this publication, members can stay up-to-date on field-related changes around the nation and on the local level. Members can also choose to be involved with Flossline by joining the publications committee.

Flossline is published three times a year, and is thoroughly reviewed for clarity and space availability by the organization’s editorial review board to ensure readers get the most accurate and helpful information possible.


Hiking Safely

As a dental hygienist who has practiced in both Kentucky and Georgia, June Jones of KY has helped people enjoy improved oral health. Beyond her experience working in Glasgow, KY, and various other locations, June Jones enjoys hiking in her free time.

Hiking is a way to stay fit and spend some time outdoors. However, it is important to know your body’s limits and follow certain guidelines to stay safe while out in nature. For example, having to puff and huff to breathe while hiking is a sign that you are pushing yourself too far. Breathing too heavily is an indicator that the legs aren’t getting enough oxygen to work as well as they could be. Therefore, while hiking, maintain a pace and intensity that allows you to be able to hold a conversation at the same time.

Additionally, stop and rest at least once an hour. During the rest, you can sit down and give your legs a break. This is also a great opportunity to rehydrate yourself with water and refuel by having a snack. Keep in mind that while engaging in a strenuous activity such as hiking, your body needs more food and water than it would if you were engaging in a less taxing activity.